It is a special incentive mechanism incubated from the prospective shared by iChat APP and INTIMACY social network.

INT and iChat are designed to complement each other and make advancement

High quality social actions will generate enormous value on INTIMACY social network and in return rewarding them for more INT. INT, given its product attribute, thus can be traded and exchanged in the crypto market


iChat APP is a blockchain-based and tokenized social media application dedicated to arouse the return of interpersonal connection and create the model of “valued social interaction”. It is to strike social interaction with exchange of value instead of the traditional one. Under the context of token economy, iChat APP will make contribution to form a brand new social interaction model, the one with security and multiplicity

iChat works on activating potential of token economy and reconstruction of relations of production, engaging more people in befriending other people with different cultures and interests. This, we believe, will empower them to get in-depth idea about social interaction and a wider value-based ecosystem to shorten the distance between people on the Earth.